GCH Carma's Nightwatch at LattaLane SOM - "Onyx"
Owner: Carol & Thomas Latta
Breeder: Tina Halverson and Shelly Williams
Sire: CH Tadd's Armed and Dangerous
Dam: CH Sapphire's Magic Smoke of TJ
Whelped: March 1, 2013
Titled: August 23, 2014

Despite his lack of flash, "Onyx" demanded attention in the show ring from the very beginning!

In the capable hands of Michael Shepherd, Onyx made his appearnce at the 2014 ABC National Specialty by going Reserve 12-15 in the Futurity under judge Tami Mishler and 2nd in the 12-15 month specialty brindle class under judge Howard "Butch" Engel.

After spending a couple months back home, Onyx and Michael hit the show circuit again where Onyx earned his first major under Mr Darryl Vice on July 13, 2014, then just 4 days later earned a 5 point major under Mr Clay Coady at the Houston Boxer Club specilaty. On August 23, 2014, Onyx completed his championship with yet another 5 point major under Mrs Terry L Berrios. Later that afternoon, his breeder Tina Halverson took Onyx in the ring for Best of Breed competition where he earned his first 5 Point GCH major by going Select Dog over 7 other Dog Specials at the Heart of America Boxer Club Specialty #2 under Mrs Sandy Orr.

CH LattaLane's Wild Irish Rose of Tralee DOM - "Tralee"
Owner: Thomas & Carol Latta
Breeder: Thomas & Carol Latta and Michelle Rocca and Donna Galante
Sire: CH Rochil's Call of the Wild, SOM
Dam: GCH LattaLane's Kiss Me I'm Irish
Whelped: September 28, 2011
Titled: August 21, 2014

"Tralee" enjoyed a remarkably short show career, as professional handler Terri Galle took Tralee for a month of training in late June of 2014.

In late July in her first weekend out with Terri on the lead, she went Best of Winners/Winners Bitch both days for her first points. Over the next 30 days, she added a 3 point major under Judge Betty J Cline, and two 5 point majors under Grace M Fritz and Patricia V Trotter respectively, completing her AKC championship!

But Tralee's mark on our breed was meant to be from the whelping box! Her first litter of 7 on April 15, 2015 produced 5 flashy girls all destined for their championships. Two of those girls (Kerry & Kassie) would stand with their mother two years later in the Brood Bitch competition at the 2017 American Boxer Club National Specialty, where Tralee would win first place in a highly competitive lineup!

CH LaRich Stars to the Maxl SOM - "Jack"
Owner: Laverne Howard and Patty Chandler
Breeder: Laverne Howard and Patty Chandler
Sire: CH Maxl's Golden Boy SOM ("Conner")
Dam: CH Starkist of LaRich ("Sweetie")
Whelped: March 29, 2002
Titled: CH on June 27, 2003 - SOM on August 8, 2009
CH LattaLane's Cover Story DOM - "Christi"
Owner: Thomas & Carol Latta
Breeder: Thomas & Carol Latta
Sire: CH Storybook's Rip It Up SOM ("Jake")
Dam: Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace DOM ("Chassi")
Whelped: May 5, 2001
Titled: CH on October 18, 2002 - DOM on June 7, 2009
CH Breho Heldenbrand EZ Lovin' DOM, CD - "Anna"
Owner: Karen Emerson and Brenda Stuckey
Breeder: Brenda Stuckey and Terri Galle
Sire: Am/Can CH Breho Sanjac EZ Travlin ("EZ")
Dam: CH Breho Heldenbrand Heartlight ("Amee")
Whelped: March 7, 1997
Titled: CH on October 16, 1999 - CD on October 13, 2001 - DOM on November 21, 2003
Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace DOM - "Chassi"
Owner: Thomas & Carol Latta
Breeder: Pamela & Barbara Savoye
Sire: CH Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac, SOM ("Mac")
Dam: CH Savoye's Tulipwood Crystal ("Lindsay")
Whelped: April 19, 1997
Titled: CH on April 3, 1999 - DOM on October 20, 2002
CH Dasel's Attitude is Everything DOM - "Sable"
Owner: Mark & Janet Ewing
Breeder: Dalene Lewis and Mark & Janet Ewing
Sire: CH Schoolmaster's Easter Noah, SOM ("Noah")
Dam: Dasel's Desert Lily ("")
Whelped: December 27, 1995
Titled: October 31, 1997
CH Holly Lane's Wild as the Wind, SOM - "Willie"
Owner: Pat Healy and Eileen McClintock and Howard Engle
Breeder: Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM ("Dealer")
Dam: CH Heldenbrand's Raven Holly Lane, DOM ("Raven")
Whelped: May 6, 1992
Titled: CH on October 16, 1993 - SOM in 2002

Top Twenty Competitor in 1995

CH Jerelyn's KopyKat of Har-Vel, DOM - "Kopy"
Owner: Carolyn Rogers
Breeder: Carolyn & Jerry Rogers and Velda Rounsaville
Sire: CH Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM ("Dealer")
Dam: CH Har-Vel's Kansas City Kitty, POM ("")
Whelped: December 28, 1992
Titled: CH in 1994 - DOM in ??
School's Simple Addition, DOM - "Addie"
Owner: Della Caldwell
Breeder: Della Caldwell
Sire: CH Jo-San's Future Time, SOM ("Mr Pink")
Dam: CJ's Memory Lil O'Schoolmaster ("Lilly")
Whelped: January 28, 1990
Titled: DOM - ??

5 Champions from 2 Litters

Holly Lane's Spring Breeze, DOM - " "
Owner: Patricia Gibson
Breeder: Patricia Gibson and Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Holly Lane's Wind and Fire ("")
Dam: CH Holly Lane's Winter Wind ("")
Whelped: May 15, 1986
Titled: DOM in 1986

4 Champions from 2 Litters

CH Heldenbrand's Heart Breaker, SOM - "Breaker"
Owner: Elvinia & Sherman Heldenbrand
Breeder: Elvinia & Sherman Heldenbrand
Sire: CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight ("Jedee")
Dam: CH Wheatland's Gem v Heldenbrand ("Gemmie")
Whelped: March 3, 1985
Titled: CH on September 24, 1988 - SOM in 1993

11 Champions from 13 Litters

CH Holly Lane Flamboyant Carlon, SOM - " "
Owner: Eileen McClintock
Breeder: Bob & Carole Long and Eileen McClintock
Sire: CH Salgray's KO Aracrest, SOM ("KO")
Dam: CH Carlon's Classy Chasis ("")
Whelped: November 19, 1986
Titled: CH on March 13, 1988 - SOM in 1995

16 Champions from 13 Litters

CH Carlon's Classy Chasis, DOM - " "
Owner: Carole & Bob Long and Eileen McClintock
Breeder: Carole & Bob Long
Sire: CH My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, SOM ("Hondo")
Dam: CH Carlon's Sassy N Classy, DOM ("Sparky")
Whelped: June 10, 1983
Titled: June 1, 1986
CH Oliver's Solid Gold, DOM - "Candy"
Owner: Velda & Harold Rounsaville
Breeder: Mary & Emmett Oliver
Sire: CH Har-Vel's Gold Chips ("Chips")
Dam: Oliver's Meri-Lu-ia ("")
Titled: 1985

1989 ABC Dam of the Year