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The Heart of America Boxer Club and its members are dedicated to the protection and betterment of the Boxer breed. Our members stand ready to ensure the humane and effective rescue of any Boxer in need, whether from animal shelters, owners who no longer care for their Boxers in a responsible manner, or strays found wandering at large.

To that end, HOABC supports boxer rescue activities by (1) promoting responsible breeding practices which includes the spaying and neutering of pets, (2) education of the public about the special qualities, characteristics and requirements of our breed and (3) appropriate referrals of parties to Boxer Rescue organizations.

Boxer Rescue has been viable in the Midwest for the past several decades. Thanks to the dedication of HOABC members such as Fran Davidson, Joyce Peckham and more recently Liz Phillips and Sabrina Jay, the ethics, standards and successes of boxer rescue in Kansas and Missouri have been recognized by their peers.